Processed materials


PP, PE, PA, POM, PBT, SEBS, ABS, PS, PC, PC/ABS, TPC, TPU, SPS, PCTG, PPO, PMMA, including all their modifications.


Plastic materials that are heat meltable and through exposure to elevated temperature to the point of melting temperatures soften. When heated to such a temperature can be shaped tensile, bending, compression and extrusion. If it is heated to a higher temperature, thermoplastic pass into the liquid state is injected and processed in other ways. Followed by cooling the thermoplastic solidify without significant changes in the properties.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene - ABS

Basic technical material with good workability, which is enhanced by an easier, it is also used for the demanding visual parts of various appliances.

Polyamides - PA6, PA66

Material that can be filled with fiberglass or other modifiers with a different ratio. It is mainly used for exposed parts, which is put right with precision size and toughness. Applied in the production of household appliances, gears, bearings, pulleys, pinions, and similar goods.

Polyphenylene oxide - PPO

This material excels in rigidity and it does not change the long-term loads. It is very chemically resistant. It has a low density, high strength, stiffness and hardness. It is used in the electrotechnical and automotive industry.

Polycarbonate - PC

Transparent and heat-resistant material. It is mechanically strong. Suitable eg for the production of helmets for motorcyclists. With transparency, it can be used as a substitute for glass greenhouses.

Polybutyleneterephthalate - PBT

This is a technical thermoplastic material with high strength. It has high hardness and strong rigidity. It is used as an insulator in the electrotechnical industry. It is resistant to solvents.

Polyoxymethylene - POM

This material is very hard and stiff, but it is very tough. Therefore it is used in the production of components in gear outfit household appliances.

Polypropylene - PP

Basic material with good heat resistance and rigidity. It is harmless and can therefore be used in the manufacture of products that come into contact with food. This material is produced accessories for household appliances.

Polystyrene - PS

This material is hard and transparent thermoplastic. It can be used as an electrical insulator. This material is produced as some toys and kitchen items and similar goods.

Styrene block copolymer - SEBS

This material is injection molding, yet still retains a high elasticity. Has similar technical characteristics as PVC, but compared to PVC is water resistant. You need to take a hard look at what purpose and on what application this material will be used. It can be used for making gaskets and spacer rings.